Why do you need my social security number?

Fulshear Insurance understands the importance of being cautious with your personal information.  Sometimes it is hard to decide where to draw the line in giving out your social security number. Providing Fulshear Insurance with your social security number does not give us access to your credit score, but it does provide us with your "insurance score" which is required to get a true quote.

Other insurance agencies may tell you they are providing you with a quote without having your social security number, when in reality they are only providing an “estimate”. There may be a few carriers who will write your coverage without your social security number, but the vast majority still require it to write your policy.

If you decide to purchase a policy based on an “estimate”, your social security number will be mandatory at the point of sale. A true “quote” would then be generated with the social security number, and the quote will more often than not be different than the “estimate” provided without the social security number.

Fulshear Insurance is very considerate of your time, and we hope you are considerate of our time as well. By having your social security number at the time of intake, we are able to provide you with most comprehensive quotes available which are valid numbers when you are ready to purchase.
See the video below to learn how your insurance score is determined.

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