Should I Purchase Insurance Online or Contact an Independent Agent?

If purchasing homeowners insurance is just a few clicks away, why spend your valuable time calling an agent?  The answer is as simple as that – your time is valuable, and so is the home in which you have invested.

Insurance policies which can be purchased online, direct through the carrier, do not consider the homeowner as an individual with specific needs.  These policies are streamlined to fit a general population - formed by a short questionnaire that does not fully identify the risk(s) and are not likely to provide sufficient coverage.

Homeowners insurance is not as basic as the online form portrays it to be.  Homeowners insurance is available through several different forms (HO-A, HO-B, HO-3, HO-5) with each form differing in the perils covered (water, theft, fire, etc).  While some coverage comes as a standard part of the policy (coverage for the dwelling, personal property, and loss of use), other beneficial coverages are available only by endorsement.

Let’s imagine though – you saved time by purchasing a policy online that provides coverage sufficient to your needs…but without an agent, what happens when you require service to your policy or if you have a question pertaining to your coverage?  You will call a 1-800 number and follow the prompts to be connected to the next available representative who will know you only by your policy number.  Are you confident the agent available through the carrier’s 1-800 number has your best interest in mind?

At Fulshear Insurance Group, Inc. you will find valuable coverage at a preferred rate by taking only a few minutes of your time to speak with one of our trusted insurance professionals.  Fulshear Insurance Group, Inc. is an independent insurance agency and your choice for homeowners, flood, auto, business insurance, general liability insurance and more.  At Fulshear Insurance Group, Inc., you are known by your name, not your policy number.  Fulshear Insurance Group, Inc. has dedicated agents with the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you through choosing the right coverage and will go the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind. 

Call us directly 281.533.9067 or toll free 1.855.533.9067.  You may also send us an inquiry via email:  We look forward to serving you!

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