How Do I Find an Insurance Professional Who Knows My Business?

Many small business owners find it difficult to purchase business insurance on their own. Working with an independent insurance professional helps the business owners find insurance tailored to their business.  But, how does the business owner find an independent insurance professional that knows the business?

Many businesses are categorized by insurance companies as high risk or too difficult to underwrite. Often, this is the case when a service business will be performing a service for low cost with a high potential for damage or injury. Businesses that will be serving the public, serving alcohol, working with expensive property or operating risky activities are some examples.

But, insurance is operated in a competitive market and there are always insurers willing to insure businesses of any nature. The trick is to find the insurers and their programs.

An independent insurance professional works with a multitude of insurance companies, so the independent insurance agent is usually your best resource for obtaining business insurance.  Fulshear Insurance is that trusted local resource for you, the business owner or contractor.  Fulshear Insurance offers business insurance or commercial insurance for many different types of businesses.  Fulshear Insurance has dedicated agents who only work with commercial insurance policies.

Some ways to find your trusted local independent insurance agent is by visiting your local Chamber of Commerce. Fulshear is proud to have the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce (FACC), and Fulshear Insurance is a charter member.  You may also talk to others in your industry or in your town and find out who they use for their business insurance. Fulshear Insurance encourages you to seek out a one-on-one meeting with your local agent to confirm your trust in that independent agency to provide you with the best option for your business insurance.

A broad internet search is not a good way to find insurance for your business especially if it is not a commonly insured business. There are many reasons why you want to find and keep a local independent insurance professional who knows your business in person. The do-it-yourself approach to finding insurance on the internet should be used to find the agent and arrange a meeting - not to purchase the policy.

Premiums for some types of businesses are high. The best insurance professional in the world cannot overcome basic underwriting. If you are working with the public or can cause serious damage, then premiums will reflect that reality. Approach this with realistic expectations and after establishing a relationship with your independent insurance professional, you can work on lowering your premiums. It is important to understand the dangers of changing the class of your business just so you can receive a lower premium.  And, be advised, there are insurance agents out there who are not looking out for your best interest and only want to be the cheapest. You must do your due diligence as a business owner to ensure you have the right independent insurance agent providing you with the best advice. 

Fushear Insurance is your choice for a local and trusted independent insurance agent for your business insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and worker's compensation insurance. Give us a call today 281.533.9067 or toll free 1.855.533.9067.  We are happy to be of service.


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